Camellias: Alan Titchmarsh stocks the best way to give your camellias ‘stunning’ blooms

Queens of iciness plant life, camellias are horny evergreen shrubs which might be prized for the wonderful thing about their luscious plant life, lavish foliage, and compact, well-formed bunny. Blooming prodigiously for weeks from fall via spring when the remainder of the lawn provides little, camellias rank as probably the most absolute best flowering shrubs. In a 2021 episode of Love Your Lawn, Alan Titchmarsh mentioned that there are some stipulations camellia crops wish to produce wholesome plant life.

All the way through an previous episode of Love Your Lawn, Alan and his workforce designed a standard lawn for Richard Warren, a 74-year-old volunteer neighborhood policeman referred to as “the oldest cop within the country,” and his spouse, Lynette, who suffered from a couple of sclerosis. a couple of.

The workforce was once tasked with making a lawn that would offer larger get entry to for Lynette, whilst additionally providing horny and sensible options.

The lawn featured an oval garden, a brand new summer time area, trimmed evergreens, and a pond with water lilies.

To get inspiration for the challenge, Alan visited a landscaped lawn with intensive grounds at Hanham Court docket Gardens in Gloucestershire.

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The gardening professional warned: “They do not like calcareous or calcareous soil, they’re going to flip yellow if grown in limestone, so they want a excellent acidic or impartial soil.”

Issuing a caution to gardeners about how a lot solar they will have to get, Alan mentioned to verify they “do not get an excessive amount of solar within the early morning, as it could actually brown them in chilly climate.”

“They’re somewhat delicate to frost,” he added. Some sorts are extra resistant than others, since no longer all camellias are created equivalent.

On the other hand, when he positioned them in a sheltered spot, he mentioned “they’re stunning.” A sheltered spot close to a wall the place the plant will likely be secure from chilly winds is perfect for those evergreen shrubs.

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Whilst pruning a pittosporum, Alan steered doing it between April and Might.

A pittosporum, which is sometimes called cheese, is a species of flowering crops within the pittosporaceae circle of relatives.

All the way through the display, Alan additionally planted various evergreens, impressed via his discuss with to Hanham Court docket.

Some of the selection, he planted a Portuguese laurel and an Ilex crenata, or Jap holly, as it’s also recognized.

For an evergreen that may be formed right into a dome or pyramid, Alan advised opting for an Ilex crenata, which he mentioned may well be pruned “with out pests.” He additionally planted a laurel pendulum hearth dance.

Alan printed that the important thing to making a standard lawn taste is to include box-shaped pathways into the design.

He completed this in his challenge via that includes an Ilex crenata, which he mentioned served as an alternative choice to the field and “would make a canopy this is simply stunning.”

When planting an Ilex crenata, he mentioned it was once necessary that the soil be patted down firmly to steer clear of growing air wallet.

Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh airs Sundays on ITV at 9:30am.

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