The Entire Information To ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Type And Transmog

Climate cyberpunk 2077 it is about preventing gangs and sticking to our bodies, additionally it is about… taking a look excellent whilst doing it. For nearly two years, that was once very Tricky in Cyberpunk 2077, for the reason that you had been compelled to make use of your absolute best stats regardless of how ridiculous they regarded put in combination. Now, that has modified. As of patch 1.6, which got here with Edgerunners and the sport’s contemporary revival, transmog is now a factor. You’ll be able to stay your stats however watch then again you need.

I have been posting a ton of Cyberpunk style seems to be for the reason that free up of my Vs collection, and a reader requested me “the place do you get the cool garments”. And that hit me… to do a complete style information right here these days. And there are a couple of other portions to this.


This is the absolute primary position the place you’ll to find the most efficient style within the sport. The excellent news is that the new transmog patch additionally means that you can preview pieces ahead of buying. The dangerous information is that an previous patch has made clothes a lot, a lot more pricey within the sport, so you will have to farm enemies and promote their guns to fund your wildest style desires.

I have counted 13 general clothes distributors at the map, and because they do not if truth be told inform you what they’re while you hover over them, I made a information right here. An previous patch gave them much less random clothes and extra centered thematic kinds.

  1. Ded Zed – mixture of kinds, some dressy, some informal
  2. Fashionable: brilliant trendy garments.
  3. Tyger Boulevard Dealer: Tyger Claw taste streetwear (Kill Invoice monkey right here, every now and then)
  4. Saeko’s: Tyger Claw streetwear, dressier seems to be
  5. Samurai Merch Man – Simply a few Samurai issues, now not superb
  6. Jingui: Extremely-high-end get dressed garments or even get dressed guns, a cyberpsycho assaults right here
  7. Avante – Clothes
  8. Fashionable: brilliant trendy garments.
  9. Avante – Clothes
  10. Trailer Park Peddler – Difficult Clothes for Bikers
  11. Fashionable: This one if truth be told has numerous western equipment.
  12. Peddler fashionista: streetwear with prints and brilliant colours
  13. Type: Sure, it is actually simply known as “Type”. Wide variety, skews extra biker/punk

One key factor to find out about distributors is that they alter their inventory each and every 24 hours. So you’ll be able to test it out, soar 24 hours in time, and are available again once more to look your altered inventory. You can get some repeats, however additionally it is tips on how to to find numerous new stuff. In any case this time, I nonetheless see combos of prints and garments that I have never observed in two years.


This one might be somewhat worrying, however it is necessarily… test each and every useless frame you notice. Err, each and every corpse you create. Nice style pieces do not want to be epic or mythical rarity. Many excellent items are commonplace or unusual rarities, so you will want to upload them for your assortment.

There are certain instances and puts within the sport to procure distinctive equipment. To call a couple of:

  • If you happen to do the primary tale and many of the facet quests, you can to find that you are slowly assembling maximum of Johnny’s complete workforce.
  • The brand new Edgerunners patch added David’s jacket.
  • In a prior patch, Vic offers you two distinctive jackets on your stash.
  • Judy has a MAXTAC uniform in her condo that you’ll be able to get for those who’ve finished her quest line.
  • Finishing the Panam finishing will provide you with a Unwell Aldecaldos Jacket

However in truth, my favourite style nonetheless most commonly comes from random unearths, each looted and time-skipping distributors.


The transmog machine is beautiful easy, you have got six outfit slots that you must create via taking a look at one among your residences, however at the fly, you’ll be able to transfer between them the usage of the “apparatus” field.

Every other good thing about transmogrification that I did not understand to start with is that when you get a work of clothes, you’ll be able to… throw it away. Throw it away or promote it, for the reason that glance will move into your closet completely. Not more lugging round 300 kilos of garments round as a result of you need all of the styling choices to be had to you. One of these load, actually.


And after all, a monumental A part of the Cyberpunk 2077 modding scene is fanatics creating a ton of customized clothes in your V. That may vary from dressing up as Lucy from Edgerunners to taking style to the following degree via giving her cybernetic fingers. I have never long gone down this trail, however the wildest and coolest style is almost certainly to be discovered in this trail.

now pose

Cyberpunk has a gorgeous cool photograph mode, so to find your favourite location and glance and move wild. Proportion your individual V seems to be with me on TwitterI am in reality curious to look them as I have proven you a number of mine right here.

So, experience Fashionpunk. It is its personal little minigame, and numerous amusing.

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