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Steadily packaged because the colorless, odorless liquid utilized by actors to create faux tears for emotional scenes in motion pictures, glycerin gives greater than that. Glycerin is a herbal spinoff of animal fat, vegetable oils or petroleum and is often referred to as glycerol.

Within the skincare trade, glycerin is in most cases utilized in moisturizers or formulations to present them hydrating and moisturizing (one of those wetting agent) features. “As a humectant and emollient, glycerin locks in moisture within the pores and skin. It attracts moisture from the air, attracts it into the outside cells, and is helping stay pores and skin supple and alive,” says Dr. Chytra Anand, a famend beauty dermatologist.


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The moisturizing high quality of glycerin is helping make stronger the outside’s barrier serve as, particularly for individuals who be afflicted by atopic or dry pores and skin. Neha Dubey, Advisor Beauty and Clinical Dermatologist, Clinical Director of Meraki Pores and skin Health center, says, “Glycerin supplies coverage in opposition to irritants found in make-up or different skincare merchandise.”

Then again, the protection profile of the colorless liquid relies on the exterior setting or local weather. “Glycerin obtains water from the closest to be had supply. So when the humidity is low, it attracts extra water from the deeper layers of the outside and in the end dehydrates it,” Dubey stocks, including, “That is why it is not beneficial as a stand-alone product and is all the time combined in combination.” with different components. akin to hyaluronic acid and botanical extracts. Additionally, there’s all the time the potential for an hypersensitivity with uncooked or unprocessed glycerin.”


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Folks with delicate pores and skin will have to keep away from glycerin altogether. For delicate pores and skin varieties, including it to cleansers and micellar water formulations is beneficial. Folks with dry or cracked pores and skin can use it however all the time together with a excellent moisturizer or moisturizer.

“Making use of glycerin on my own to the outside isn’t splendid as a result of it’s an oil and due to this fact will draw in mud and purpose extra clogging of the outside. It’s all the time diluted and used with aggregate moisturizers,” Anand explains.


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For face:

Dilute the glycerin with rose water in an identical quantity and practice it evenly on a blank face. Let it paintings its magic for 15-20 mins. Then rinse with lukewarm water. End by means of making use of a hyaluronic acid serum.

Face masks

for dry pores and skin

If in case you have dry or dehydrated pores and skin, make a face masks with sandalwood paste, rose water and upload glycerin. Practice it to your face and let it act for 15 to twenty mins. Rinse with chilly water.

For delicate pores and skin

Go for culmination like papaya or pumpkin puree as a mild scrub and blend glycerin into this. Practice to the outside and go away for 10 to fifteen mins. Wash with heat water.

If in case you have oily or acne-prone pores and skin, it’s endorsed that you simply keep away from glycerin altogether.

For lips:

Any other use of glycerin is for other folks with darkish or dry lips. Make your personal glycerin lip balm in a small bottle and use it to use it. Upload some soothing brokers like Hydraulic Acid Serum and Diet E Oil which can be in the marketplace to the glycerin. Combine it in a pot and use it to rub your lips.

Insights from Dr. Chytra Anand, Famous person Beauty Dermatologist

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