Which Straw Hat Has The Perfect Type Sense?

Every member of the Straw Hat Pirates has proved their skill to be fashion-forward, however there is one team member whose trend sense is unequalled.

One Piece lovers can all agree that the Straw Hats are indubitably a trendy team. The primary characters, or even some main supporting characters, have all passed through more than one outfit adjustments right through the sequence. The characters’ aesthetic adjustments generally tend to happen along the creation of recent tale arcs and places, which means the Straw Hats at all times set up to shuttle in taste.

Luffy’s team is understood to decorate for the instance and glance just right whilst doing it. From the recent sand deserts of Arabasta Kingdom (additionally known as Alabasta Kingdom) to the snowy tundras at the northeastern facet of Punk Danger Island, the Straw Hats display up at each and every location dressed in their maximum iconic outfits. Every team member has proven numerous their very own distinctive, trendy appears to be like over the years, however the only persona that has persistently held the name for absolute best wearing each and every arc is none as opposed to Nico Robin.

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The Straw Hats Pirates’ 7th Member and Archeologist Is… a Cowgirl?

Nico Robin Outfits During Alabasta Arc and Enies Lobby

Nico Robin joined the Straw Hat Pirates all over the one hundred and thirtieth episode, “Beware Her Smell! The 7th One is Nico Robin!” She made a wonder look aboard the Going Merry simply because the “Arabasta” arc got here to an in depth. Robin wore a buttoned-up long-sleeved lavender blouse with lengthy red pants and a couple of red boots. This primary outfit trade looked to be a extra modest tackle what got here to be referred to as her trademark glance; a cowgirl outfit together with a red corset, matching miniskirt, white fur-lined coat paired with a white cowboy hat and white high-heeled boots.

Robin’s signature glance is what she used to be observed dressed in, disguised as Leave out All Sunday, all over her debut within the remaining episode of the “Whiskey Height” arc. Even supposing her all-purple cowgirl glance is a well known and cherished vintage, it is simply one outfit in a protracted listing of iconic appears to be like worn through the chic archeologist. Some other fan-favorite glance, and arguably Robin’s absolute best outfit, is the quick, black, long-sleeved leather-based get dressed and matching high-heeled boots she wore all over the unforgettable “Water 7” and “Enies Foyer” arcs. Robin’s pre-time skip cloth wardrobe left not anything to be desired, however one way or the other, Robin’s taste looked as if it would most effective recuperate and higher, starting originally of the post-time skip.

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Nico Robin’s Put up-Time Skip Improve Incorporated Her New Trademark Sunshades

Nico Robin Outfits During Return to Sabaody Arc, Punk Hazard, And Dressrosa

Upon reuniting along with her fellow team buddies all over the primary episode of the “Go back to Sabaody” arc (the second one part of the “Fish-Guy Island” saga), Robin wore a protracted salmon sarong skirt, adorned with seaweed and colourful flower designs, a short-sleeved military blue leather-based vest, high-heeled pumps and a lavender red backpack. Like the opposite Straw Hats, her look modified to check the brand new path Eiichiro Oda took with his artwork taste and persona designs following the two-year skip within the One Piece storyline. Because the Straw Hat Pirates launched into their adventure to Punk Danger Island, Robin become an elegant teal, long-sleeved V-neck get dressed, with a get dressed lower now not too other from the well-known quick, low-cut, black get dressed she wore all over the occasions of the “Dressrosa” arc.

From her iconic pre-time skip cowgirl hats to the trademark post-time skip shades she wore over her brow, all of Robin’s outfits have won applause from One Piece lovers and informal audience alike. The eye to element Oda can pay when illustrating the Straw Hats clothes has now not long gone unrecognized, and whilst each and every team member is designed to decorate to provoke, Robin’s heightened sense of style is indeniable.

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